As our facility is located just outside city limits by 1 mile, the ECS and Kindergarten families can access a transportation grant from the government through the Board of Education.
The grant amount varies from year to year and is determined by the provincial authority.  In the past, approximately $54/month has been standard payment. Transportation may look different due to covid regulations. Please phone for further detail. This grant is to offset the bus and van transportation costs for services provided. This grant payment is also paid to the families who transport their children to our program in privately owned vehicles.
However, Agape Daycare, which is licensed under Southwest Alberta Child and Family Services, does not receive such funding so if your child is attending Daycare and needs transportation, there is a monthly cost for this service.
Agape Learning Centre offers transportation for children using a 20 passenger bus which has seat belts and
a few built-in car seats. The bus transports on the north and south side of Lethbridge where most of our families needing transportation live.
We also have a van which offers limited west/southside Lethbridge transportation. Pick up and drop off times vary depending on how many families we have needing transportation. We schedule the routes so the transportation arrives at the program at 9 am and leaves the program at 3:30 pm.
If you are interested in the transportation program you can contact us for more information.